Breakout 04. Sustainability and growth: STPs/AOIs leading by example

The recent push for sustainability is a reaction to environmental change, which includes seeking economic growth without degrading natural resources. This session examines some key strategies and mechanisms STPs/AOIs are using to both become more sustainable themselves and also support companies in their ecosystem to become more sustainable, including on-campus natural protection areas, sustainable mobility initiatives, and collaborative corridors to foster sustainable technologies as well as using space tech for a sustainable transition and applying circular economy concepts to industry.

Session moderated by Sara Json Lindmark (Sweden). Speakers:

  • David Pitschmann (Austria) – Sustained growth – how a natural protection area becomes an asset for STP development
  • Ahmet Serdar Ibrahimcioğlu (Turkey) – Enhancing ecosystem: Sustainpark
  • Florent Riout (France) – AAA space technologies and data: reveal the embedded solutions required for a sustainable transition on earth
  • Alicia Cañadas (Spain) – Simbiopark: design of digital tools for the creation of symbiotic environments

Main megatrend pillars: World.

Key trends and sub-trends: Environmental change and sustainability, more extreme weather, rising sea levels, shifting climate zones, declining biodiversity, climate refugees, economic growth, new measures of wealth and growth, concentration of wealth.

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