IASP 2023

Megatrends in Innovation Ecosystems:
What are the impacts for STPs & AOIs?

At the 40th IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, our main theme will be “Megatrends in Innovation Ecosystems: What are the impacts for STPs & AOIs?”

Megatrends are defined as long-term driving forces that are observable now, can be experienced by anyone in spite of regional differences, and will most likely have a global impact. They tend to be stable over at least two decades, and robust to temporary setbacks. Experts in this field of research refer to 4 types of futures: the possible, the plausible, the probable and the preferred.

“In a principally unpredictable world, these trends stand out as the only relative certainty we have. The interplay between stable trends and the more unstable forces of change determine the future.”Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies

Building and managing an effective innovation ecosystem is a major undertaking, and policy-makers and innovation practitioners can study and use megatrends in order to make more future-informed decisions in our complex world.

Science parks and areas of innovation around the world each operate in their own local context and within their own regional innovation ecosystem, but they are all facing the same global megatrends. Using the notion of megatrends and possible futures when designing, implementing and redefining STPs/AOIs and more global innovation ecosystems is key to future-proofing and ensuring our industry remains at the cutting edge of developing trends.

IASP’s 2023 World Conference will consider questions of how STPs/AOIs are impacted by these megatrends; how they work with them and handle them, and the role they can play in shaping them. How can we ensure that megatrends help us, innovation agents (intermediaries, managers, policy-makers), to ask the right questions when it comes to innovation and/or specialisation? How do we link these megatrends to the notion of possible futures?



The heart of this vibrant, cosmopolitan, culturally exciting, laid-back green capital beats in the city centre. Built on impressive historical foundations, experience UNESCO World Heritage as well as culture and shopping for all tastes.

Luxembourg may only be a small country, but it is extremely dynamic and multicultural. In a city where you can meet people from 170 nations, it’s no wonder that so many of the languages of the world are heard everywhere. Everything is within walking distance – restaurants, cafés, bars, museums and shops. As the entire Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, relaxing strolls and fascinating insights into the history of the country and the city are virtually inseparable.

Take a walk along the Corniche, hailed as “Europe’s most beautiful balcony” by Luxembourg writer Batty Weber. Discover the Casemates, the underground tunnels carved into the solid rock. Take the lift to the Grund or to Pfaffenthal and discover a city on many levels that surprises you around almost every corner with green oases and places to simply sit and take a breather. Visit one of the many museums, for instance the seven that make up the MuseumSmile, and find out all about the history, natural history and the arts and culture of Luxembourg. Art and culture can also be found in numerous small galleries and shops such as those in the Fëschmaart quarter of the Old Town.

Stroll through the streets, keep your eyes peeled and discover surprises and delights around every corner – a fusion of tradition and modernity. Take a free ride to the Kirchberg Plateau on the ultra-modern tram and visit the architectural masterpieces of the Philharmonie and the Mudam (Museum of Modern Art). It’s all so close together and easy to find, yet the capital is packed with exciting contrasts that captivate visitors the moment they set foot in Luxembourg City.

Technoport: technology business incubator

We have over 20 years of experience in the field of incubation and support to the creation and development of innovative and technology companies in Luxembourg. Our vision is to bridge ideas to success by creating the right ecosystem around innovation and entrepreneurship.

To achieve this mission, we built the business incubator with equipped office space and industrial facilities, home to over 40 innovative companies at a given time, and covering various sectors from ICT to healthtech, spacetech and industrial applications. Our market segments are newly-established startup companies and spin-offs, as well as foreign companies that need a partner to quickly ramp-up R&D activities in Luxembourg.

We also run the Digital Experience Studio, where we help validate business concepts/applications around digital content creation by bringing people together during specific and thematic hackathons or projects, and a wide network of local and international partners and global supporters.




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