As China’s first national innovation demonstration zone, Zhongguancun Science Park covers a total area of 488 square kilometers. There are 16 sub-parks of Zhongguancun Science Park, such as Haidian Sub-park, Changping Sub-park, Fengtai Sub-park and Huairou Sub-park,
achieving integrated development.

Zhongguancun Science Park is committed to advancing various sectors of the new-generation information technology, such as artificial intelligence, quantum information and blockchain. It has sped up the development of frontier technologies such as brain-computer interface, spatial computing, and 6G. Major progress has been made in the commercialization of innovative technologies, including intelligent connected vehicles, AI large models and virtual reality. In the field of healthcare, Zhongguancun Science Park is striving for breakthroughs in some core technologies in key fields, such as innovative drugs, vaccines, high-end medical devices, traditional Chinese medicine and digital healthcare.

As one of China’s most renowned high-tech innovation centers, Zhongguancun Science Park houses a large number of tech enterprises and business incubators, attracting countless innovators at home and abroad. In this promising land, entrepreneurs have been breaking through traditional barriers, exploring new technologies and business models, and inject powerful impetus into the modernization drive of Beijing and the world at large. In the attitude of openness and sharing, Zhongguancun Science Park stands ready to deepen exchanges with the science and technology community and conduct pragmatic cooperation.

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