Piqué, Josep

La Salle Technova Barcelona, Spain

Josep Piqué is President of La Salle Technova Barcelona – La Salle Innovation Park.

He is a PhD in Innovation Ecosystems from La Salle-URL, Telecommunication Engineer from La Salle and UPC, and MBA from ESADE. He also holds diplomas from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California-Berkeley and Universitat Ramon Llull.

He is President of the Triple Helix Association, Founding President of XPCAT (Catalan Network of Science Parks), Vice-President of APTE (Spanish Network of Science Parks) and Former President of IASP. The focus of his work is the promotion of Knowledge-based Economy and Society in order to consolidate Knowledge Cities on Smart Cities.

EditionIASP 2022, IASP 2023
Speaking in — Presenting the IASP Innovation Districts Alliance
ModeratingBreakout 02. Urban innovation districts