Marinho, Claudio

Porto Digital, Brazil

Claudio Marinho is a scenarios and strategies consultant at his company Porto Marinho Ltd. He worked for 26 years in the public sector, most of the time as a chief executive in different areas. Claudio stepped down as the Planning Secretary for the State of Pernambuco in 2006, after being in charge for 7 years (from 1999 to 2006) as the Secretary for Science, Technology and the Environment for the State. He is well known and especially recognized for his works in setting up the Porto Digital ( AOI initiative, one the best IT business and technology urban park in Brazil, revitalizing the old port area of Recife, where his has an office for his Porto Marinho Ltd. consulting company. Claudio is a board member in the Porto Digital governance unit (a IASP full member), representing the urban planners.

EditionIASP 2022
Speaking in — Speaking in: Developing Innovation Districts and Knowledge Environments