Klasson, Anna

Sandbacka Science park , Sweden

Anna Klasson, MSc In Mechanical Engineering, has a long experience from the legacy industry, and sustainable product and process development. As head of Green Transition she is responsible of strategic development and driving the projects and activities of Sandbacka Science park regarding green transition of small- and middle sized enterprises. She’s also a green tech entrepreneur, running a business focused on the energy transition, electrification and specialized in hydrogen solutions and electrified heavy duty transport. She has held several seminars and workshops on the topic of electrification, green hydrogen, and electrified transports. Anna is furthermore involved in running and coordinating the Mid Sweden Hydrogen Valley network – where world-leading manufacturers of high-quality stainless steel, the automotive industry and energy producers meet to jointly drive the development of technology for our common societal challenges linked to environmental sustainability.


Speaking in
IASP 2023