Kimuge, Andrew

1IT and Innovation, E-TapTengeleeAFA CBO, Kenya

Andrew Kandie Kimuge is a computer scientist with a strong background in tech and a passion for giving back. He boasts an impressive educational background with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and multiple certifications in fields like cloud computing, AI, and project management. His professional experience spans over 8 years in top-tier organizations, particularly within the FinTech and financial sectors.

Beyond his technical expertise, Andrew is a community leader. He founded Mask Our Kids during the COVID-19 pandemic to aid primary school children and recently established E-Taptengelee MAFA CBO, focused on empowering young people with technological skills across Kenya and beyond. Andrew is also a motivational speaker, inspiring students in Kenyan TIVET institutions for over 5 years, and an upcoming author delving into the intersection of technology and humanity.

Speaking in
IASP 2024
Breakout 5: The fintech sector and emerging funding models