Kim, Benjamin

Data Design Engineering, Luxembourg

Benjamin Kim is a Senior Analyst at Data Design Engineering, a company providing data-driven customized AI solutions and services to corporations and to governments across Asia and Europe.
He is responsible for coordinating the development of AI-based solutions that match the specifications of innovative projects and anticipate future operational settings and multidisciplinary contexts, such as in UAM (Urban Air Mobility) use-cases. Benjamin Kim’s expertise is to supervise multiplayer deeptech investigations and to facilitate the integration of AI based processes within new technologies and related value chains. He is currently providing AI strategy support services to Jeju Science Park for the development of autonomous transport systems and specific Urban Air Mobility applications. Benjamin Kim oversees the development of core AI engines that support the ambitions of integrated operational players in delivering new products and services, particularly in the field of autonomous mobility.

EditionIASP 2023
Speaking in — Breakout 12 – Effective aerospace R&D ecosystems: towards integrated deeptech operations excellence