Johnsson, Mikael

Mälardalen University, Sweden

Dr. Mikael Johnsson is Assistant Professor of Process and Product Development at the Division of product development, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Mälardalen University, Eskilstuna, Sweden. His research interest is in the field of Innovation Management. A key research area for him is the development and implementation of high-performing innovation teams in organisations. Mikael Johnsson has a multidisciplinary background, including a BSc in Innovation Technology (2006, Mälardalen University, Sweden), Licentiate in Innovation and Design (2014, Mälardalen University, Sweden) and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2016, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden). Aside from research, Mikael is also an author and practitioner, and his books are used by innovation management consultants and innovation leaders in the private and public sectors. As a practitioner, he advises organisations and other consultants/advisors in innovation management and is an active part of supporting organisations to improve their innovation management capabilities.



EditionIASP 2023
Speaking in — Breakout 10. Restructuring globalisation: new ways to help companies internationalise