Guo, Yong´an

Zhongguancun Science Park, China

Guo Yong’an holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Sciences from Oxford University and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering Management, R&D, and Innovation Management from Tsinghua University.

Currently, he serves as a policy consultant for Zhongguancun Science Park. By tracking and analyzing global innovation trends, Guo conducts research on emerging innovation paradigms, and, based on the findings, designs and implements pilot programs to invigorate the innovation ecosystem.

He is also an advocate for open innovation and actively promotes the development of the local innovation ecosystem with this approach. He has been involved in the establishment and operation of several open innovation centers for multinational corporations and international tech companies in Zhongguancun.

EditionIASP 2023
Speaking in — Breakout 3 — Entrepreneurial environments