Burke, Lisa


Lisa Burke is an experienced broadcaster having spent the bulk of her career presenting live television with Sky News, plus BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, many other Sky channels, RTE (Ireland) and RTL (Luxembourg). Her reporting has covered national and international assignments, documentaries and radio.

 In Luxembourg, Lisa created RTL Today which has now become the biggest English news platform in the country. Now, she hosts and produces a weekly radio show (also available with video) and podcast: ‘The Lisa Burke Show’.

 Lisa is in high demand as a host and moderator, covering TED talks, Luxembourg Space Agency, European Space Agency, finance, health, entrepreneurship, tech, science, European Institution events and many more. She is a public speaking coach, and launched the first Presenting & Debating Society at the University of Luxembourg. Additionally, Lisa is a sought-after voice-over artist.

 Whilst living in Abu Dhabi for two years, Lisa wrote for The National newspaper.

 Other writing includes children’s science books. Lisa has been a science consultant and author with Dorling Kindersley since 2005. She studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, gaining a double first. Her specialism was chemistry.

Lisa is on the Cambridge University Communications Working Group. She is also a board member for Angel Aid Cares, a Californian-based foundation raising aid for the care-givers of children with rare disease.

Lisa is a trained classical singer and pianist. She has two daughters.

EditionIASP 2023
ModeratingPlenary 01. Megatrends: a melting pot of STP/AOI perspectivesPlenary 02. Energy of the future: focus on hydrogenPlenary 03. Our industry in the new economy: innovation spaces for tomorrowPlenary 04. Untapped talent for the future