Witthayaweerasak, Watcharin

Thai Business Incubators and Science Parks Association, Thailand

Watcharin (Lhing) Witthayaweerasak is is a prominent figure in Thailand’s innovation scene, with over 18 years of extensive experience in technology and innovation management. With a rich background in fostering technological advancements and building sustainable innovation ecosystems, Lhing has been instrumental in bridging the gap between academia and industry, particularly in Southern Thailand.

Lhing’s career includes key roles such as the Chief Innovation Officer at Smart ID Group, where she successfully launched innovative product lines and enhanced the company’s revenue. As the Director of the Thai Business Incubators and Science Parks Association (Thai-BISPA), she managed multiple projects and built strong stakeholder relationships, driving the organization towards sustainability. Lhing’s leadership, strategic vision, and ability to foster collaboration has made her an important force in Thailand’s innovation landscape.

Speaking in
IASP 2024
Breakout 4: Distributed global manufacturing and shared value creation