Sanz, Luis


Luis Sanz (Spain, 1952) is the President of the IASP Advisory Council. He was Director General of IASP from 1996 until 2019, as well as a member of its Executive Board. A trained sociologist, he is an expert consultant and senior advisor to different Science Parks worldwide, based on his extensive knowledge on the Science Park industry he created the Strategigram®, a unique tool for the analysis of the strategic model of science parks. He has been chief co-ordinator of more than 20 international conferences on Science and Technology Parks, regional development and innovation policies.

He is the author of numerous papers, books, articles and presentations on this topic and has participated as an invited speaker in over 80 international conferences and seminars all over the world. Formerly he was the co-director of Valencia Technology Park (Spain) which he founded in 1987 and he has been Vice-President of the Spanish Association of Science Parks and President of the European Division of the IASP.

Luis Sanz is also the head co-ordinator of the World Alliance for Innovation (WAINOVA).

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