Probst, Laurent

PwC Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Partner at PwC Luxembourg, Laurent Probst develops and implements innovative strategies for governments and institutions to reap the full benefit of the current technological and green revolution. He is leading major programs to support the development of SMEs through bottom-up grown marketplaces like BlueInvest Platform, EU Gateway and Low carbon project. For governments and EU institutions, Laurent initiated and developed international partnerships and deals between innovative companies, investors and corporates on emerging topics such as Blue economy, renewable energy, earth observation or life sciences. Laurent regularly advises European Institutions and Governments to accelerate green and digital transformation of their economies. Laurent ‘s team has proposed many forward-looking policy recommendations recently adopted by the EU Commission on Big data, Artificial Intelligence, 2030 Skills Strategy for the EU Manufacturing industry, fostering Public Private partnership on EU cybersecurity investments and industry or transforming cities as a Launchpad for digital transformation. Laurent is an advisor of UNPD Global Knowledge Index program and has been certified in 2021 by the Institute of Sustainability of Cambridge University on Net Zero Emissions curriculum.


Speaking in
IASP 2023