Pitschmann, David

Lakeside Science & Technology Park, Austria

David Pitschmann has represented Lakeside Science & Technology Park since 2014 and is responsible for International Cooperation. He has a degree in business administration with its focus on innovation, marketing and leadership – as well as sports management. As a licensed international mountain guide and professional skier, he was self-employed for 4 years before coming to Lakeside.

Throughout the development of Lakeside’s Marketing and Communication and the work with enterprises, research and educational institutions, he required knowledge about tenants’ and stakeholders’ concerns, wishes and needs. Recently, he dug deeper into the topic of sustainability as an asset for STPs and developed a regional concept for sustainable mobility. He refers to a wide understanding of the role of STPs in matters of interdisciplinary cooperation and operational innovation, thanks to which, he has been given international Keynotes in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Brazil and at IASP World Conferences such as Luxembourg and Nantes.

Speaking in
IASP 2023IASP 2024
Breakout 15: STPs and AOIs pioneering future economic landscapes