Olivares Mendez, Miguel

Robotics Research Group (SpaceR), Luxembourg

Research and developed experience since 2007 on Visual control systems for unmanned
vehicles. It involves fields like computer vision, robotics and automatics, fuzzy and classic
control of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, artificial intelligence and optimization
algorithms for control. Appointed as Assistant Prof. on Space Robotics and head of the Space Robotics Research Group (SpaceR) at the SnT-Uni.lu on Nov-2019.

The main research and innovation activities of SpaceR will be on Planetary and Orbital Robotics. Planetary Robotics for explore and search, extract and collect resources, and orbital robotics for in-orbit servicing and operations, such as debris collection, refuelling, orbit raising or maintenance.

We are using our Lunar analogue facility (LunaLab) of 80m2 and 20 tons of basalt and equipped with a motion capture system and our 2D zero-gravity facility (Zero-G Lab) to simulate micro-gravity environment for in-orbit operations and servicing.

Speaking in
IASP 2023