Marin, Sandra Delina

Florida Atlantic University, USA

Sandra D. Marin Ruiz, a doctor in leadership and policy analysis, is a serial technology-based entrepreneur and leader in global innovation, economic development, and business expansion in Latin America, the U.S., and Europe. Dr. Marin Ruiz specializes in international trade assistance and deep technology commercialization. She is well known as a partnership builder in domestic and international entrepreneurial ecosystems and other global industry networks. As an engineer and a member of the communities she serves, her mission includes engaging communities to bridge the gap between accessing capital and opportunities to run successful businesses while addressing social needs via technology innovations– that is her framework to incentivize economic and social impact. She is passionate about linking local and regional needs to national and international policy with the creation of new intellectual property and engaging with strategic partners. She is well recognized for being part of a positive force to support organizations in implementing global presence, digital transformation, and social innovation strategies. Dr. Marin Ruiz serves as a member of national organizations, such as APLU, and as a regional leader in innovation, business development, and economic growth from her role as the assistant vice president for innovation and business development at FAU.

EditionIASP 2022, IASP 2023
Speaking in — Breakout 3 — Entrepreneurial environments