Ingwall King, Oliver

Johanneberg Science Park, Sweden

Oliver Ingwall King, Project Manager – Energy

Oliver is an environmentalist focused on addressing the pressing energy challenges we face. He uses his experience working with communities and businesses to develop and lead collaborative projects implementing low carbon smart energy systems.
His career began focusing on improving energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in the community sector. As his knowledge grew of the pressing climate emergency, he quickly realized the need for carbon accounting and Oliver moved to organizational carbon management. Working for an engineering consultancy Oliver delivered projects for national and multinational companies pushing them towards a strategic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and transportation.

This role highlighted the fundamental role that energy management must play in all emissions reduction projects. His work therefore has focused upon building projects from energy data upwards – something that is now proving invaluable. These projects have spanned all manner of energy efficiency initiatives in buildings, the implementation of building mounted renewable energy systems and most recently battery storage, energy demand management and peer to peer energy trading.

As a project manager in the Energy Team at Johanneberg Science Park (Göteborg, Sweden) he is working on projects in Sweden and across EU and UK to push forwards the decentralized smart energy transition at building, distribution, and regional scales.

EditionIASP 2022
Speaking in — Breakout 7: Energy transition and solutions led by science parks and areas of innovation