Barros, Hugo Filipe

University of Algarve, Portugal

Hugo Barros is the head of Division and operational manager at the Division for Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer (CRIA) of the University of Algarve. He is responsible for the incubation area, he ensures the necessary monitoring of entrepreneurs and companies aiming to establish its incubation space at UALG TECH START. Barros is the first contact with the entrepreneur, the support to business plan and business model, to identification of funding opportunities and contact with investors.

He is also responsible for the Knowledge Transfer actions in the division, intermediating University-Enterprise connection and joint ventures. Staff of CRIA since 2005 (coordinator since 2011), works in Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer, supporting the creation and development of business projects and the negotiation processes among university and industry. He is an economist, has a post grad in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and is a PhD student in Innovation and Territory Management.

Speaking in
IASP 2024
Breakout 14: Innovation hubs and stakeholder collaboration