Bueno de Oliveira Filho, Olavo

PAX | RN, Brazil

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from UNICAMP (1978) and Master in Mechanical Engineering from ITA (1984) in the area of Thermal Sciences. He has specializations in Strategic Business Management from INPG (2001), in Project Management from FIA/USP (2006) and UNICAMP (2012), in Procel Energy Efficiency Label for Residential Buildings from UNICAMP (2013,) and in Electric Mobility: Policies, Planning and Business Opportunities also by UNICAMP (2021). He has international experience at Spar Aerospace in Canada at the Argonne National Lab. (USA); and Karmelingh Onnes Lab. (Netherlands); served as a thermal science consultant; as a professor of Extension and Postgraduate courses in Renewable Energies; he was Director of Technology, Research and Innovation at CERNE (Center for Strategies in Natural Resources and Energy); Coordinator of the Technical-Scientific Council of CERNE (CTC-CERNE); Technical Advisor to the Federal Senate; member of the Technical-Scientific Council of the Nucleus of Petroleum and Renewable Energies of UFRN (CTC-NUP-ER); advisory member of FIERN’s Renewable Energies Thematic Commission (COERE-FIERN); Industrial Development Coordinator for the State of RN (2020-2022).


EditionIASP 2023
Speaking in — Breakout 07. Accelerating the legacy industry's energy transition