Demographics, entrepreneurship and technology

Defining the frontiers of future economics

41st IASP World Conference on
Science Parks and Areas of Innovation
24-27 September 2024

Welcome to IASP Nairobi

Join speakers and experts from around the globe at the 41st IASP World Conference hosted by Konza Technopolis, Nairobi (Kenya), to discuss the impact changing demographics can have on entrepreneurship and technology, exploring ways to combat the global challenges the world is facing today.

Main theme

About the conference


Demographics, entrepreneurship and technology: defining the frontiers of future economies “Demographics, entrepreneurship and technology: defining the frontiers of future economies” is the main theme of the 41st IASP World Conference…

About Nairobi

Known as the “green city in the sun”, spirited and technological Nairobi is built on a mix of rainforest and savannah grasslands, crowned by the eponymous river that goes through…

About the local host

Konza Technopolis, the host of IASP Nairobi, was born in 2009 as the key project of Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic development portfolio. Designed as an ambitious smart city and vibrant…

About IASP

International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation IASP is the leading association of innovation ecosystems worldwide. Our mission is to be the global network for science parks innovation…

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