Herbert Chen

Dear delegates, colleagues and friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to IASP’s 40th World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, which will be held in Luxembourg from 12-15 September 2023.

At this great international event, our discussions will be focused on the theme of “Megatrends in innovation ecosystems” and their impact for science parks and areas of innovation. It is a theme that invites us to look to the future, to make predictions and come up with innovative solutions, striving together to bring about our preferred version of the future.

With the rich contribution and collaboration of members, experts and practitioners from around the world, we will examine the impacts of megatrends worldwide, and look at the role that our industry can play in shaping them and how it remains in the vanguard of change, both today and tomorrow.

I offer my thanks to our local host Technoport, as well as the wider innovation community of Luxembourg. Recognised as a strong innovator, and home to over 170 nationalities and a myriad of sectors, I’m sure we will all learn much, inspire each other, and gain new insights from our local peers and colleagues from around the world.