Amplify works with professional innovation management at the absolute highest level based on deep experience from practice, leading knowledge through research, and effective systematics via standardization. The business is rooted in the rich and highly-ranked Nordic innovation culture and has a well-established international reach.
The company was founded in 2003 based on research-based methods and tools for systematizing innovation processes. Amplify has since developed world-class competencies and services that support the professionalization of the entire discipline of innovation management.
Amplify’s vision is that everyone has the ability to renew themselves, their organizations, and their societies.The company contributes to this grandiose vision through its mission to strengthen innovation performance by professionalizing innovation management within organizations and between collaborating organizations. It means that the innovation activities are managed proactively, systematically, and sustainably at a strategic, tactical, and operational level, laying the foundation for value-creating renewal, improvement, and transformation.
The company offers services to support three mission-critical goals in organizations:
• Immediate impact – Create immediate impact through the professional execution of innovation initiatives.
• Sustained capability – Building sustained innovation performance by establishing innovation management systems.
• Professional competence – Develop professional innovation management competence based on roles.

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