Machowska, Monika

Krakow Technology Park, Poland

With 25 years of professional experience spanning various public and private institutions, including NGOs, law firms, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce, a diplomatic mission, Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University, and J. Babiński Hospital, Monika Machowska has cultivated a diverse skill set and extensive knowledge in multiple fields.

For the past 15 years, she has been working at Krakow Technology Park as Deputy Director. In this role, she has played a key part in creating and coordinating projects related to new technologies, entrepreneurship, and innovation, as well as providing services tailored to startups and technology companies. Notably, she served as the project manager for the technological foresight project “Kraków Małopolska 2020” and coordinated the launch of the new headquarters and services of the Małopolska Information Technology Park.

Throughout her career, she has actively collaborated with the administration to support the development of innovative projects and strategies, also conducting numerous training sessions and workshops for startups and public administration. Additionally, she is a board member of the European Network of Living Labs and a co-author of the strategy for the Krakow Technology Park.

Speaking in
IASP 2024