Dalkılıç, Serhat

Erciyes Teknopark, Türkiye

Serhat Dalkılıç is a Technology Transfer Specialist who owns RTTP and works as the General Manager of Erciyes Teknopark and Erciyes TTO. Dalkılıç, who is a Civil Engineer, is still continuing his doctorate education in Civil Engineering.

Dalkılıç, who has been in the Teknopark and TTO ecosystem since 2009, has served in different positions in the TTO and Technopark operation and has been serving as the General Manager since 2019. He worked on Intellectual Rights within TTO and carried out studies on intellectual property commercialization by putting forward different commercialization models.

He still continues his activities in the field of intellectual property as the European IP Helpdesk Turkey Ambassador. Having a good command of English, Dalkılıç also took part in and contributed to different international projects. As of the moment, Dalkılıç, who is the executive of 3 national and 2 international projects, representing Erciyes Technopark.

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