Breakout 12 – Effective aerospace R&D ecosystems : towards integrated deeptech operations excellence

Aerospace innovations and successful R&D commercialisation depends nowadays on technology integration effectiveness (Ex. AI, Autonomous systems, Materials, Robotics) as on the strategic alignment  of deeptech players (Commercial, academic and research parties). In this session, international economic operators, private and public research centres operating from Luxembourg will present how they design and operate collaborative deeptech strategies to ensure competitive technological assets development.

Moderated by Olivier Zephir (Luxembourg)

  • Claude Maack (Luxembourg) – Innovative lightweight material development
  • Miguel Olivares Mendez (Luxembourg) – Aerospace operations simulation capabilities
  • Benjamin Kim (South Korea/Luxembourg) – Consolidating a new industry value chain
  • Bassem Hichri (Italy/Luxembourg) – Tech R&D centre for terrestrial and space innovation

Main megatrend pillar: Technology and Science

Key trends and sub-trends: Aerospace tech, New materials, Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, Engineering advances 

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