Breakout 11. Feed the world: STPs/AOIs and food security

In the face of population growth and climate change, food security has become a key concern. Climate change carries key risks for ecosystems and cultures, as well as for crop yields, water availability, biodiversity, and land use on local, regional, and global levels. More sustainable and yet highly productive food production is necessary on the one hand, while on the other hand, we need a mindset shift to recognise the limits of the capacities of the food system itself. This session examines the role of STPs/AOIs in driving innovation and achieving long-term food security.

Session moderated by Jean-François Balducchi (France). Speakers:

  • Vorasan Sobhon (Thailand) – Promoting food tech start- ups through regional science park services
  • Per Frankelius (Sweden) – Seven megatrends that call for impact innovation in food production
  • Jitka Sladkova (Czech Republic) – Technology park as park – trees and bees
  • Sara Medina (Portugal) – Combating food scarcity – the vital role of agricultural STPs in driving innovative solutions

Main megatrend pillar: World.

Key trends and sub-trends: population growth, food security issues, environmental change and sustainability, growing climate measures, regenerative agriculture, more extreme weather, growing environmental consciousness