Breakout 07. Accelerating the legacy industry’s energy transition

How can STPs/AOIs contribute to channelling enough investment into developing technologies to enable the legacy industry to transform, while matching the climate protection challenges globally? What is the role of STPs/AOIs in solving the immense technological challenges that will allow the decarbonisation of energy-intensive sectors? Join us to explore approaches to energy and infrastructure from the contrasting ecosystems of Brazil, Italy and China.

Session moderated by Mieke De Bruin (Netherlands). Speakers:

  • Ty Shattuck (Canada) – Building the world’s first full-scale net-zero campus community, and research park
  • Olavo Bueno de Oliveira Filho (Brazil) – Renewable energy in Rio Grande do Norte – the Pax | RN and the innovation ecosystem
  • Fabio Morea (Italy) – Bridging the gap between in demand and generation in energy-intensive science and technology parks
  • Yuheng Chang (China) – A coming trend of a science park – low carbon science park

Main megatrend pillar: World.

Key trends and sub-trends: environmental change and sustainability, more extreme weather, declining biodiversity, growing climate measures, regenerative agriculture, engineering advances, advanced energy technology, AI & automation, machine intelligence, robotics, service economy, platform economy, from manufacturing to service economy

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