Breakout 01. Collaboration for an ageing population

A combination of improved longevity, improved health at old age, and declining birth rates is causing the world population to age. STPs/AOIs are ideally placed to build collaboration models necessary to create the innovative products and services that support active and healthy ageing: this session will explore structures that support wellness research and commercialisation, health innovations for older people, and initiatives to enable the elderly to continually develop their skills and remain active participants in society.

Session moderated by Agnes Von Matuschka (Germany). Speakers:

Main megatrend pillars: People & society and Technology & science.

Key trends and sub-trends: an ageing world, improved longevity, improved health at old age, focus on health, commercialisation of personal health, expansion of the concept of health, biotech revolution, medical technology, AI & automation, nanotech, composite materials, manufacturing technologies, network economy, service economy, economic growth, growth in non-monetary wealth, concentration of wealth, decreasing wealth at the disposal of governments.

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